Gay Guys Can’t Have Gay Friends

3 Aug

Gaymer, Baker, Disaster

So I’ve had a series of event occur lately that just drives the point home of how much I hate other gay guys sometimes.  No less than three times this past week was I brushed aside due to the simple fact that I wasn’t willing to bang any of these guys.  I’m appalled and a bit disgusted.  

Now these are guys I have known before and a long way in the past I have been intimate with them.  Nothing serious, just random fun that happened many years ago.  I approached one on my own.  He had moved away for a long time and recently came back.  I sent him a text message, he replied, we started having a conversation.  I kept it innocent and said that now since he is back we need to hang out.  We have a membership at the same gym so I proposed we go…

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