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If you got it, flaunt it!

13 Aug

The DSM-5 Says Kink is OK!


The American Psychiatric Association has depathologized kinky sex – including cross-dressing, fetishes, and BDSM – in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).
Now the paraphilias are considered to be “unusual sexual interests,” while those who have sex with children or people who haven’t consented, or who deliberately cause harm to themselves or others, may be diagnosed with a Paraphilic Disorder.

“The APA has made it clear that being kinky is not a mental disorder,” says Susan Wright, Spokesperson for NCSF. “That means people no longer have to fear being diagnosed as mentally ill just because they belong to a BDSM group.

The following are some statements about the various paraphilias in the DSM-5. Although highly clinical in language, they show the APA’s intent to not demand treatment for healthy consenting adult sexual expression:

  • “A paraphilia is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for having a paraphilic disorder, and a paraphilia by itself does not necessarily justify or require clinical intervention.” p. 686
  • “In contrast, if they declare no distress, exemplified by anxiety, obsessions, guilt or shame, about these paraphilic impulses, and are not hampered by them in pursuing other personal goals, they could be ascertained as having masochistic sexual interest but should not be diagnosed with a sexual masochism disorder.” p. 694
  •  “Many individuals who self-identify as fetishist practitioners do not necessarily report clinical impairment in association with their fetish-associated behaviors. Such individuals could be considered as having a fetish but not fetishistic disorder.” p. 701
  • “Clinical assessment of distress or impairment, like clinical assessment of transvestic sexual arousal, is usually dependent on the individual’s self-report.” p. 703

I Fantasize About My Husband Being Gang Raped By Men

3 Aug

Everyone has a “dark” side. What’s Yours? Check out more in the Confessionals of Reddit here…

Thought Catalog

Got your own confession? We’ll publish anonymously. Send it to Thought Catalog Anonymous.

My husband is a really sweet man. He’s very kind to me. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He never hits me or is mean or even yells at me.

Pretty much since I’ve known him I fantasize about him being gang raped by men. In my fantasy I’m watching when this happens. I’m egging the men on. I let some of the men fuck me while others rape my husband.

Sometimes I masturbate when I have this fantasy and I orgasm as a result. I have lots of dark twisted fantasies. This is just one of them. I know my husband would be shocked if I told him. He has no idea of my twisted side. [tc-mark]

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My curious paradox about sexual addiction

3 Aug

Pink Therapy Blog


I’m finding myself in a curious paradox regarding ‘sexual addiction’ and it’s one that I feel the time has come to speak out about.  I’m increasingly frustrated at seeing people claim expertise in something which most mental health professionals dispute exists.

How does one claim to be a sex addiction expert when even the expert psychiatrists of the American Psychiatric Association recently revised DSM V were not persuaded to include Hypersexual Desire Disorder, let alone recognise sexual addiction as a diagnosis eligible for treatment?

I’ve been working as a therapist with gay and bisexual men for over 30 years and I would say I have never met anyone I considered to be a “sex addict.”  I’ve met many men who have found themselves out of control with sex, or who have used sex compulsively, or even recklessly, but I wouldn’t call them “addicted.”  I’m also not happy…

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The Bitch(iness) Is Back

3 Aug

College student takes on ‘gay BFF’ stereotype in amazing speech

3 Aug

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

Gay men are not a commodity – TED Talks:

Here’s the blurb from Gay Star News:

20-year-old spoke at the world renowned TED conference with his award-winning speech on how gay people are not a commodity


A college student is taking on the ‘gay best friend’ stereotype in an amazing and award-winning speech.

Mark Pampanin, sick of being the Will to every girl’s Grace, decided to write about feeling like a collectable item, a fashionable entity.

The 20-year-old from Chapman University in California recently shocked the competition at the 100th biennial Pi Kappa Delta tournament by snagging first place in the after-dinner speaking category.

‘We’re often portrayed as one-dimensional characters,’ Pampanin says.

‘I don’t care how Kathy Griffin is treating Anderson Cooper. I’m going to tell you that I am a person. I paid 12 dollars for this haircut, I hate the mall, and I still…

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Gay Guys Can’t Have Gay Friends

3 Aug

Gaymer, Baker, Disaster

So I’ve had a series of event occur lately that just drives the point home of how much I hate other gay guys sometimes.  No less than three times this past week was I brushed aside due to the simple fact that I wasn’t willing to bang any of these guys.  I’m appalled and a bit disgusted.  

Now these are guys I have known before and a long way in the past I have been intimate with them.  Nothing serious, just random fun that happened many years ago.  I approached one on my own.  He had moved away for a long time and recently came back.  I sent him a text message, he replied, we started having a conversation.  I kept it innocent and said that now since he is back we need to hang out.  We have a membership at the same gym so I proposed we go…

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Our Agenda – A New Type of Campaign

3 Aug

50 Shades of Gay: a Community in Parentheses

3 Aug

“Stinging” Gay Men “Undercover” is About As Naughty as It Sounds

3 Aug

Playboy Wants To Know Why Your School Is Best Party School [PHOTOS]

13 Jul

Sports news, podcasts, live interviews & some fun

Playboy Party Schools Colorado
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, bro: your school crushed it at parties. Do you even funnel, bro? Unless your school merits a mention as one of Playboy’s Top Party Schools, it’s hard to take you seriously.

Playboy compiles an annual list of the top party schools in the country; the University of Virginia won last year. Every year, people either complain that their school isn’t ranked high enough (or isn’t ranked at all).

In 2013, Playboy is asking for your help. It wants current students and alumni to send stories and pictures supporting their school’s candidacy. You can rep your school in three ways:

• Share, like and comment on Facebook.

• Send pictures, video and stories to @Playboy on Twitter.

• Upload pictures to Instagram.

Use #PlayboyPartySchool as the tag on all the platforms. You can hashtag, right bro? The best photos and stories will make…

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