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Are bananas circumcised?

16 Mar

Fruit is truly not as versatile as some thought.



NPI’s Pic for the Day: Giftwrap!

15 Mar

We celebrate all our bondage friends today…


No matter the material, it’s good to always feel so close to you!


PORN- Like Burger King

23 Feb

PORN- Like Burger King

If you cold have it your way … What would be the “types” you’d cast? Where would it take place and why would you have them do? Would it be a 2- 4- or more-way? Would it be kinky or Vanilla? And what would you name them?

Gallery 31 Jan

That top looks so bored


Retro Sexy

10 Dec



Photo of the Day: Ethno Blog

5 Dec

Photo of the Day: Ethno Blog

You’ve probably heard the expression, “it’s like a naked game of twister” when one is describing to you the fundamental difference between multiparty playtime and one on one. Well, maybe you haven’t, but it is often how I describe it when – through the course of helping younger guys explore the world of kink or fetish – the topics of three- (or more) -somes, comes up.

So to all my orgy experienced (or inexperienced) – the Question is this – Was the experience close to the fantasy beforehand? Comment your answers below!


Photo of the Day: Free The Porn! Blog

5 Dec

Photo of the Day: Free The Porn! Blog

For my porno passionate peeps – The Question is How important is ‘premise’ in your porn watching? Meaning – does the roles and lead-up as important or more so than some sexy naked guys? Comment your answers below!


Photo of the Day: Free The Kink! Blog

5 Dec

Photo of the Day: Free The Kink! Blog

For my bondage loving followers – The Question is Now What? Comment your answers below!


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