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If you got it, flaunt it!

13 Aug

The DSM-5 Says Kink is OK!


The American Psychiatric Association has depathologized kinky sex – including cross-dressing, fetishes, and BDSM – in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).
Now the paraphilias are considered to be “unusual sexual interests,” while those who have sex with children or people who haven’t consented, or who deliberately cause harm to themselves or others, may be diagnosed with a Paraphilic Disorder.

“The APA has made it clear that being kinky is not a mental disorder,” says Susan Wright, Spokesperson for NCSF. “That means people no longer have to fear being diagnosed as mentally ill just because they belong to a BDSM group.

The following are some statements about the various paraphilias in the DSM-5. Although highly clinical in language, they show the APA’s intent to not demand treatment for healthy consenting adult sexual expression:

  • “A paraphilia is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for having a paraphilic disorder, and a paraphilia by itself does not necessarily justify or require clinical intervention.” p. 686
  • “In contrast, if they declare no distress, exemplified by anxiety, obsessions, guilt or shame, about these paraphilic impulses, and are not hampered by them in pursuing other personal goals, they could be ascertained as having masochistic sexual interest but should not be diagnosed with a sexual masochism disorder.” p. 694
  •  “Many individuals who self-identify as fetishist practitioners do not necessarily report clinical impairment in association with their fetish-associated behaviors. Such individuals could be considered as having a fetish but not fetishistic disorder.” p. 701
  • “Clinical assessment of distress or impairment, like clinical assessment of transvestic sexual arousal, is usually dependent on the individual’s self-report.” p. 703

Awwh, the sneaky BF

3 Mar

Sneaky Boyfriend


Gallery 10 Jan

hot as hell

Happy Resolution 2013!

2 Jan

We have heard these annual proclamations falling off earnest lips and with such songs of sincerity, how could we not smile, toast and in our hearts know that God’s going rate is 10 fold for moments like that and the good news was, we were on the receiving end.

I can’t begin to tell you where I was, what I drank or even perhaps what his name was or what his roommate/boyfriend said that made me discard the proven buddy system so many straight women and gay men have put their own spins to.

Now, as if, I had closed my 21 year young eyes (with huge eyelashes) that night, I’ve re-awoken to find myself facing down a seemingly faster moving 12 months of 2013 to yet another Christmas and yet another set of hope-filled promises of a better us and yet another candle on that birthday commemoration, now almost 34 years ago.

It is in that spirit of reflection that I ask each of you to not give up on the sentiment, the ritual or the hard journey.

When could be a better time than today – right this moment – to promise to yourself to continue that journey of self exploration and sexual discovery and who knows, maybe you teach the other person they liked it too.

Happy New Year from NPI



31 Dec


I was inspired by the idea of gift wrapping. That moment the paper tears, you get a glimpse of what’s been hidden away just for you. Similarly it gives me a great tingle to get just that peak from behind a boy’s underwear or outfit. Hope you enjoy too.


Merry Happy and Many Returns Evermore

29 Dec

Merry Happy and Many Returns Evermore

I’m never sure what to say in Birthday , Christmas or Brit Milah (that’s the boyhood snip for the non-Jewish related visitors out there) so here it goes…

Hoping You and Yours had a Fantastic Holiday
And wishing you all the best for the New Year!


Retro Sexy

10 Dec


Gallery 10 Dec

Retro Sexy!


Check out our Pinboards!

5 Dec

4 Sexy boards of sexy men!

Check out our Pinboards!


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