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I’m Gay and Disabled (Now Who Wants to Date Me?)

26 Feb


I can’t tell you the first time I noticed it. I think it was preschool. Or maybe it was elementary school. I can’t remember the exact date, but I do know I felt different from other people at a very early age.

As a child, I would watch on the sidelines as other kids on the playground climbed the monkey bars, dangling their legs this way and that. I’d watch as students dribbled basketballs, their feet working in perfect alignment as they ran. While other kids jump roped, whisking themselves high above the ground with ease and precision, I realized I was different.

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PORN- Like Burger King

23 Feb

PORN- Like Burger King

If you cold have it your way … What would be the “types” you’d cast? Where would it take place and why would you have them do? Would it be a 2- 4- or more-way? Would it be kinky or Vanilla? And what would you name them?

20 Feb

Loves it!

20 Feb

Gay Farts and Culture


You’re gay.

And that’s a scary thing.

Scary because no one has told you that it doesn’t get better. Not really, anyway. You’re holding out for epiphany.

But your life will have its share of ups and downs, because being gay doesn’t excuse you from the realities of being a human. People who you thought were your friends may stop talking to you, your parents may kick you out, and you might shake at the prospect of giving up your virginity. You might have to feel something. I know, because I did and have.

And you will feel a lot. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no one way to be gay, and I don’t think your sexuality is something that defines you wholly. But because there is no manual or infographic, not everything will go right. And that’s okay. But you will suffer.

And really, that’s okay. I’m…

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Admitting my Gleek-hood tonight

17 Feb

Hash-tags come with a heavy burden…

So this evening, while doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing, I found myself signing up for a new (for me) site which brings back content relevant to your keywords and social networks and then provides you the opportunity to comment and report back through one or more of your networks. “Neat”, I thought to myself naively. Scoop.It will be being receiving partial blame, but I should know already that this kind of – well meaning but often missing the mark – “targeted content” be very dangerous for someone such as myself. My brain already has the oddest (event to me, yes) ways of connecting people, faces, places, events and the like. When can be a blessing when it comes to a softball game two weeks after you didn’t make that call for a second date, it – on evenings such as this – get you this video montage.

It began with the word “Porn” and a very sexy @ericprydz. The music video “Call On Me”

….But there was something else – those headbands, those leg warmers….a brief look of Eric’s face that made me of @DarrenCriss (Blaine Anderson, GLEE). Well that combo just sealed the deal for the next viewing pleasure.

Well, I thought, “My goodness”, that @OliviaNewtonJo she was quite – & still is – every bit a sex kitten! I then thought of poor poor John, who’s age is showing – I may or may nit have watched a little welcome to the 60’s from Hairspray (re: The May Not- it seems that they are sensitive about people having those videos up).

But that brings me to my final travels. She is funny, crass, and she posted this entire album of hers for everyone to enjoy. Love her. Mud Will be Flung Tonight by @BetteMidler

Well, I hoped you enjoyed our video night!


This lil Kid Rocks my Socks Right Off!

14 Feb

The best covers involve musicians actually playing instruments instead of singing along to tracks, so this cover of Pink’s single ( Try) from Sam Tsui is particularly compelling. Sam Tsui (I have decided it’s pronounced”Tush-E”).

11 Feb

I thought they died, not resigned or is that what he’s saying?

Video 1 Feb

FratX„,is the appeal the ‘legit’ feel?


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